The Mealings

Web Developer & Designer

Samuel Mealing

Web developer

Greetings! I am a web developer with 5 years full time experience. I've got a passion for front end web development, and the back end know-how to support that. I love to use cutting edge technology and the latest web standards to craft lean, mean and clean code that runs like greased lightning. I like to work alongside designers to see their vision come to life and pull off pixel perfection. I'm as comfortable mentoring others, as I am learning from them. I have a Bachelors degree in Information Technology.

Developer, code ninja, craft beer wanker.

Leesa Mealing

Digital designer

Hello there! I am a digital designer with 3 years industry experience and a bachelors degree in Visual Communication Design. I strive to constantly improve my design skills and knowledge. My background in digital design has given me the opportunity to understand IA, user flow, interaction, and what makes a user experience great. I love solving design problems with simple yet elegant visual solutions. I play well with the other children but don't mind taking charge if and when necessary.

Designer, pixel hussie, champagne drinker.
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