The Le’sash Shoot

One day, during the second year of our design degree, we decided when we were finished we would come back to the university and do an end of year/oh-my-freaking-gosh-we-actually-finished-it photo shoot. We finished our degree in November, had our exhibition and just got our final marks back the other day. Seeing as how we passed, I guess that means we’re done! So today was the day of the shoot!

We planned a few coordinating outfits. We gathered a couple props. And off we went! Ash did most of the photography (she is the photographer after all!) and all of the editing, though any shots of her with both her arms/hands in them were taken by me, which was awesome because I love using her camera.

A whole lot of fun was had. Here are some of the photos of us in our first set of outfits…before we lost our balloons!

All up we took 780 photos so theres plenty more where that came from. I’ll pop em up later.