2010 in photos

January – A.R Rahmen concert with Sam, Eliza & David.

February – Celebrated E & D’s engagement…80s style!

March – Saw Franz Ferdinand at the Big Top with Sam.

March gets 2 because this was also the month I got my fringe cut in… this was the first photo ever taken of it!

April – a big an exciting month, E & D tied the knot!

May – The best month of all, my birthday! I spent the day in the city with some fantastic friends.

It was also the month of Ash & I’s first fun shoot, where I modeled my birthday clothes for a uni assignment!

June – Due to the busyness of uni, I postponed celebrating my 22nd birthday until the holidays…I had a high tea party that seemed endless! It was brilliant!

Here is the reason my party was postponed…a rather large project! My work is on the left, anything The Kicks related. Ash’s work is the right, with all pics of me in my birthday clothes…

July – We said fare thee well to E & D before they kicked off their 3 month honeymoon around Europe…If you’re interested you can read all about it here, at their travel blog. Before they left, we stayed here in the Hunter Valley, along with the parentals and said goodbye with lots of wine and cheese!

August – We had our second Design Smack Down Competition at the Uni for 2010…

We were attempting to recreate a photo from earlier in the year, at the first smack down…

September – My best friend Ness moved out to Sydney and had a housewarming party. The theme was to come as something starting with the letter V…here we are, me as Veruka Salt from Charlie & the Chocolate Factory and Ness as a Virgin Blue flight attendant.

October – We had the hens and bucks night for Luke & Milly, followed a week later by their wedding!

November – At this point I was often found in a heap on the floor close to tears saying “I’m not going to make it, I’m not going to make it! There’s so much to be done!!!” I had assessments up to yang and stress seemed to be a close friend. Somehow I made it through…Oh and moved house a week before all my assessments were due! And I am talking a 15 task portfolio.

Here’s us out front the old dump.

And us warming up the new Mega Haűs (which has 5 bedrooms and we now share with our friend, Jerry)…of which I can post no photos due to their incriminating nature. Instead, here are the ‘erbs we received from L & M as part of our housewarming gift!

The next night was the long awaited Visual Communication Design Exhibition!!!! Which means…we made it!!! So this pic is me, a guy from uni and our benevolent yet merciful (at times) teacher, Roger and of course, Ash! 

Since that was pretty important it gets 2. Here’s us with some of our work…

Oh yeah, and I was a bridesmaid.

December – Now. Well so far its been wonderful. We had our christmas bbq party with the gang. There was meat…

That’s pretty much it…except I forgot the time we went to the Russian Club. And Eliza’s hens night. And Sam’s birthday. And like a bazillion other things. So much happened. 2010 was exciting and stressful and hard and worthwhile and romantic and so many other things. I loved it and I love everybody who made it awesome. 

I leave you with this. In honour of my 3rd wedding anniversary (Nov) here is one of the pics we took yesterday after the boys crashed our photoshoot.