Dear 16 year old me…

I am back home at my parents house tonight, with my 2 younger sisters, who still live there. I am without my man which make me miss him. I don’t usually spend nights away from him, so when I do, I always feel like I am missing part of me.

I am sleeping alone in my old room, which I haven’t done since just before we got married (that was 3 & a bit years ago now..) but it got me thinking…how many time did 15 year old me mope about boys in this room? Or 17 year old me freak out about the future and the end of high school? Or the 14 year old me cry because I got a bad haircut that didn’t suit my face?

I am sure it would be many, many times. If 22 year old me (now) could write to the younger, here is what I would say:

Leesa, let me just start by saying, you grow up! I know you never wanted to, but it happens. Don’t worry it doesn’t happen fast! It is a lengthy process but you’ll know it when you get there.

You find a haircut that suits you, you grow into your body (actually, first you put on a little weight from uni, then you loose it and look great!).You actually turn out kinda attractive! I know, I was suprised too…

You go to uni – we couldn’t decide but you become a graphic designer and you should have realised this was where you were headed! You finish a whole degree and have an exhibition… then decide to go back for more. Are you insane woman? I’ll be so proud of you when you finish though!

Finally, you fall in love with the most loving, patient, caring, hilarious man who suits you in every way. You love him with all your heart, and he you. He is close friend from school so you have so many stories together. I don’t want to give to much away, but he is not the guy you expected to go out with, but together you are unstoppable!

Congratulations on turning out like a half decent human being, with fun friends, regular photoshoots with you new best friend (don’t worry you still love ness!!), and a love of lazeroke.

You & Ash

You & Ness

You read a little too much, but thats ok. Your sisters have stopped stealing clothes, and now when you come home, you borrow theirs. Karma baby. You have an awesome family (yes, you move an hour away, but that makes you appreciate them) and extended family.

Good luck with the next few years, its tough but you make it!