sometimes you just need to vent.

My life is confused and messy at the moment. And because I lead a considerably pleasant life, my messy is probably not really that messy at all compared to others. But because this is still moderately crappy for me, I am finding it hard to make decisions and be calm and rationale.

I am a Visual Communication Design graduate. I completed my degree, receiving numerous faculty commendations, mostly Ds or HDs.
I was invited to do Honours, which I am about 1/4 the way through right now.

I hate it. Like, cry myself to sleep at night if I am lucky to get to sleep, too much pressure, I want my life back, I am driving my husband and close friends insane hate it. After much discussion with my hubby, we came to the decision last week I could quit if I got a full time job in industry, or if I didn’t, continue on with Honours. So I applied for a job. Which I have yet to hear back from, and whom I will be calling on Monday. I have fallen further behind schedule putting together my portfolio. I have adjusted my mindset to one of leaving uni, so now the idea of uni work makes me sick to my stomach. And there is so much uni work to be done.

So I am going to do uni work tomorrow and email a bunch of other design agencies my portfolio, call the business on Monday, and go to uni as usual on Tuesday. Graduate on Friday (from the bachelors degree) and fingers crossed by then I will know more about the job and what I should be doing with my life. If you have advice, I am willing to hear it!