2013…a shiny, new year!

So 2013 just sort of turned up, unexpectedly! The end half of 2012 was a particularly busy/exciting time for us so one minute we were working and the BAM! 2012 was over.

We traveled overseas to America and Cuba, both moved on from our jobs at DG. Myself, to a great web agency called Frank Digital, and Sam to another great web agency, Picket Studio. Oh and we won an Site of the Day Awwward for our little site! That was such a fantastic little surprise!

We moved house and upgraded our furniture…having been real grown-ups for long enough, we finally bought new couches and DIY-ed the beautiful old dining table and buffet we inherited. We no longer look like students and now look the true DINKS that we are! :)

So 2013…you have some big boots full! We’ve sat down and written a few goals. So here are the top 10 ambitions for The Mealings for 2013. Maybe putting them up here will remind me!

1. Upgrade our car – we currently rock a people mover. People always see it and ask when we are having kiddies. Not anytime soon, so we’re thinking…convertible! ;)

2. Bike ride more and possibly to work – I say possibly because I don’t want to die on the way…

3. Get fit(ter) – we’re already well on our way now (we walk a lot!) but it’s good to remind ourselves of the goal.

4. Spend more time with our families – we are going to be aunties and uncles (again) soon, so we really should do a good job! Gunna spoil ‘em!

5. Increase our skills – we’re both very passionate about our jobs and would like to go continue to learn more, do more, be better and then one day take over the world. Learn all the things!!!!

6. Play more music – ah, one little fact not mentioned in either About section… Sam plays bass and I play guitar. Or at least, we used to. And we have these lovely instruments that sit on a rack and rarely get played. We’ve decided to do something about that!

7. Plan our next overseas trip – UK/Europe, though we haven’t decided exactly when!

8. Save, save, save! – point 7 will never happen if we don’t!

9. Do more, sit less – self explanatory but you do tend to go through phases where you come home, switch on the tv and go to bed. Less of that!

10. Blog more! There was a time when I was consistent… that time is not now. We both have said we will try and be more regular in our blog posts! Cause that’s what all the cool kids are doing. ;)

So 2012, so long and thanks for all the fish!