Is your business online?

Infographic designed by Leesa Mealing

It’s a brand new year. Work is back in full swing, and it is business as usual for all companies. But let’s briefly look at 2012. Responsive websites caught on and many businesses decided to follow suit. It is becoming rare to find a company that does not have an online presence of some variety – whether it be merely an elegant one page website, or a fully responsive, informative website integrating some form of social media.

Yet there are still some businesses that have not successfully made the jump – either by having an outdated website (in appearance or browser compatibility), or by simply not having one at all. It’s 2013 guys! The internet has been around for long enough that users (a.k.a your potential customers) recognise a good website when they see it. With the popularity of certain websites and apps, we have taught users how to interact with a website. To be blunt, a user knows if your website sucks. And since good design has become so commonplace in today’s technology driven society, users know to associate good design with successful names in business (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest – all sites based around the user’s experience, all synonymous with success).

So, how does your site stack up? Is the content clear? Do you point your users in the right direction or does your site merely baffle them with outdated plugins and midi players? How many clicks does it take to find the information clients specifically come to you for? How does your website compare to competitor sites? Can you view it on mobile without needing to zoom in and out?

A lot of businesses that don’t make the most of opportunities offered online could fail to reach their full potential. Don’t believe me? Check out this great article from August 2012 from the latest ABS Statistics.

If you feel like maybe your site doesn’t quite line up or I lost you somewhere  up there near “…fully responsive, informative website” maybe drop me a line. We can discuss a digital strategy tailored to suit your business.

Ps. If you’re not sure what responsive means, click here to view an infograph I prepared earlier ;)

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