All about me


Long story short

I’m a digital/graphic designer with a degree in Visual Communication (Design). My skills cover all aspects of the digital design process, including wireframing, concepts and production for web design, with the occasional branding, print and illustrations projects thrown in every now and again. A focus on digital design has allowed me to expand my skills, and I have a thorough understanding of what goes into making a website that is creative and original, yet within the client’s boundaries. I embrace emerging technologies and enjoy working with like-minded people to create functional and innovative designs; from responsive websites to ecommerce websites to apps. With over 4 and a half years industry experience as a designer, I enjoy  working as a freelancer. View my resume here.

Now that I’ve thoroughly impressed you with my professional skills, here’s the rest: I love music and can’t really go a day without it. I’m probably a little too obsessed with clothes. A cup of tea makes everything better. Double brie is the king of cheeses. Good manners are always in style. I’m a little old-fashioned, which coincidentally is also the name of a favourite cocktail of mine.

Oh, and I’m married to this guy. We’ve worked together on loads of projects, including this site. If I have caught your eye please contact me! I’d hate to toot my own horn, but we’ve  even won some awards!

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