2013…a shiny, new year!

So 2013 just sort of turned up, unexpectedly! The end half of 2012 was a particularly busy/exciting time for us so one minute we were working and the BAM! 2012 was over. We traveled overseas to America and Cuba, both moved on from our jobs at DG. Myself, to a great web agency called Frank Digital, [...]


Field Trip

Are you designer located in Sydney or Melbourne? If yes, then you have most likely heard of Field Trip. If not, then perhaps you have taken up residence under a rock? We don’t judge. We just encourage you to buy your tickets ASAP. Where & when? Sydney, Friday, 7 December 2012, the Seymour Centre. Be there [...]


Vote for The Mealings…

…And all your wildest dreams will come true. Unbelievably, we were accepted into the Awwwards. This is a huge deal for me – what web designer doesn’t check this site like every day?! So, if you wouldn’t mind sparing a little time and showing us some love, we’d really appreciate it. What are waiting for? [...]

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Communicating with Colour

So, with all the excitement from the launch of The Mealings, we have had some amazing feedback. We’ve also been receiving emails asking for design and development tips and tricks and opinions and what we thought of their cat’s Christmas photo. So here is a little something on communicating with colour – not specific to web design, but there are [...]

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Also featured…

We also got featured here, and posted on Pattern Tap here and here! Woot! We are both very chuffed by it!


Our site on Best in Design!

It was very exciting this morning to login to computer and find our site had been posted on the Best in Design. We are so thrilled to see/hear all the positive feedback from our little project. It really does make the time and effort (and all the pub trivias we missed!) worthwhile! So thanks everyone! [...]

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First world problems.

Sadly, I have not been able to update Instagram or receive phone calls or send texts. Mr Mealing lost my phone on the flight from Mexico to Panama and I am STILL awaiting the iphone 5 we ordered almost a month ago. So we’re sort of sharing his phone, which means I occasionally hijack his instagram… [...]