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All the flowers…

Actually this isn’t all the flowers… we spent about $150 on flowers at the flower markets for our mums and our sibling’s in-laws. After all, mother’s day is a time for amateur floristry!


Screen Shot 2013-03-03 at 5.28.45 PM

A very disappointing find

UPDATE: Looks like their site has been taken down (internal server error, godaddy intervening?). Their site is down, but just with a blank html page, not sure why. They’ve renamed their twitter to @mrandmrs_1 – not sure how that helps. What went down. We have had a very disappointing start to our day. We received an [...]


Look what I gots…

My new work computer arrived… a very slim 27″ imac! Woot! And I thought Christmas was over! So grateful for all that screen space.


2013…a shiny, new year!

So 2013 just sort of turned up, unexpectedly! The end half of 2012 was a particularly busy/exciting time for us so one minute we were working and the BAM! 2012 was over. We traveled overseas to America and Cuba, both moved on from our jobs at DG. Myself, to a great web agency called Frank Digital, [...]


Also featured…

We also got featured here, and posted on Pattern Tap here and here! Woot! We are both very chuffed by it!



The interwebs

Remember the early days of the internets, when no-one had iphones or ipads, Facebook didn’t occupy all your spare time and websites looked like this? Oh, my how things have changed!